Elm shakes me like a monkey

06 Jul 2013

NOTE: Elm’s online editor is your friend.

I’ve been doing all kinds of programming for years, but I’ve never found a subject interesting enough for me to actually want to blog about it.

main = plainText "Alright let's write a blog because... blogs!"

The truth is that when it comes to programming languages, tools, etc. I tend to oscillate radically – think square wave – between two states: extremely-excited-about-it, and bored-to-death.
Elm is the first language that looks like it’s going to keep me excited for at least several trimesters to come.

textForm s pos = plainText s |> toForm |> move pos
render t = collage 200 200 [ textForm "OMG"    ((sin t)*50,0)   |> rotate (t*2)
                           , textForm "HELLO!" (50,(sin t)*25)  |> rotate (0-t/4) ]
main = lift render (foldp (\t acc -> acc + (t/500)) 0 (fps 24))

I think it’s the mix of its asynchronous FRP implementation and the Haskell + ML + sugar magic of its syntax that seem to be right up my alley.

I’m gonna leave it at that, since I’ve got other things to do and I just wanted to make a not entirely useless first post for this new Jekyll site, but I promise that in the coming months this place is gonna be, like, Elm article town.

Things to check out: